Vucico Vietnam - Premium Water Infrastructure Partners

Trong hơn 15 năm thành lập và hoạt động của mình, Vucico Việt Nam luôn hướng đến sự phát triển lâu dài và bền vững cho doanh nghiệp. Vucico tự hào khi luôn là cái tên đầu tiên được các doanh nghiệp nghĩ đến khi có nhu cầu đầu tư và xây dựng các giải pháp về hệ thống xử lý nước cấp, nước thải để phục vụ cho quá trình sản xuất - kinh doanh.

Khách hàng sẽ luôn yên tâm khi lựa chọn Vucico cho các dự án của mình vì Vucico luôn đồng hành trên mọi bước tiến độ của dự án với dịch vụ trọn gói bao gồm:

  • Project planning 
  • O&M  
  • Consultant design, supervision 
  • Technology transfer and operation guide 
  • Construction works 
  • Warranty and maintenance service 
  • Supply and installation of equipment 

VUCICO is the representative in Vietnam of the world leading technology and equipment corporations from Israel, USA, Canada, EU, Japan, ASEAN ... in the field of water supply and drainage, environmental treatment, HAVC, firefighting, energy, industry, agriculture.
Vucico was certified ISO 9001: 2008 by TUV SUD Germany for Quality Management System.
Over the past 15 years, VUCICO has implemented projects to provide equipment and solutions for equipment technology, installation management and operation guidance for World Bank, ADB, AFD projects ( French Development Agency – Government of France), JICA and partners in the provinces and the cities of Vietnam.

Possessing the latest advanced technology solutions is constantly updated, Vucico has always completed the large-scale projects of various groups of customers across the country.

The prestige, quality is always the priority factor in the direction of the company. The customer’s financial resources must always be balanced and used in the most efficient way. Applied technologies must be constantly updated and improved. Most importantly, Vucico is always trying our best to provide customers with a better service than what was originally engaged. This is probably the key to the success of Vucico during the past.
Do not hesitate to share with Vucico the ideas for the project you are cherishing, believe that you will always receive the most dedicated consultancy and best service.


Vucico has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification by TUV SUD Germany for its continuous efforts.
Take a closer look at ISO 9001: 2008:
This is a standard for a business, company, unit… have scientific management system, strict internationally recognized.

To achieve ISO 9001: 2008 certification, what do Vucico has to do?
  • The products that Vucico always provide quality. For quality products, the management system must be of high quality.
    The ability to provide products to customers is always stable, always meet the requirements of customers as well as product requirements.
    Ensuring shortened time and cost in the production, installation and operation of different projects.

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